The image of Goethe in the as the of Thomas Mann


Annotation: Thomas Mann is a multifaceted person who has entered the history of world literature for more than one century. The proud German genius, who most appreciated creative freedom, and at the same time a humanist, a bearer of democratic and even liberal convictions, is a wise teacher. These two "I" can be found in all the works of Thomas Mann. In a creative manner, the writer combines traditional realistic and innovative modernistic means of reflecting reality. From realism of the XIX century. he borrowed widespread descriptions, (description of Venice, Italian resorts), psychological analysis (author reveals feelings, thoughts, state of soul heroes), naturalistic details. But the prose enriched realism at the expense of modernist techniques. Painting works, sharpening contrasts were due to the influence of impressionism. Expressionist elements were felt in the expressiveness of depicting characters, moods, feelings of heroes. The peculiarity of works was also philosophical and allegorical.

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. The image of Goethe in the as the of Thomas Mann//Science online: International Scientific e-zine - 2018. - №11. -

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