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International electronic scientific journal “Science Online” (is published by the Publishing House “Internauka“) is an officially registered, ongoing multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific periodical with open access (Certificate of Registration: KV № 22285-12185Р). The journal is published monthly in electronic form. After confirmation of the acceptance of the articles, all materials are posted on the official website of the journal within 7 days. Also, it is possible to publish articles on the official website within 48 hours, and the author is sent a certificate in electronic form.

International electronic scientific journal “Science Online” is included in the leading scientometric base, distributed by the world’s leading libraries and universities; pursues editorial policy in accordance with the principles of the European Association of Science Editors (UK).

Articles of the International Scientific Journal “Internauka”, at the author’s request, can be assigned the identifier of the digital object DOI (More about DOI).

The journal is included into the International Register of periodic media with the numeric code international identification: ISSN 2524-2695 (Online) by the International Center for periodicals (ISSN International Centre, Paris).

Journal sections
Architecture Art History Physics and mathematics
Biological Sciences National Security Physical education and sport
Veterinary sciences Pedagogical sciences Philological Sciences
Military sciences Psychological sciences Philosophical Sciences
Geographical sciences Agricultural sciences Chemical sciences
Public administration Social Communications Economic sciences
Historical sciences Social sciences Jurisprudence
Cultural Technical science Other
Medical sciences Pharmaceutical sciences  


Audience of the journal: researchers, scientists, doctoral students, graduate students, teachers, students, administrators and employees of state and regional authorities.

Language of the journal: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, German, French.

Schedule of a release of the Journal
Receive articles in the journal daily
Publication of articles on the website within 7 days after confirmation of the acceptance of the article
The urgent publication of articles on the website within 48 hours after confirmation of the acceptance of the article
Log output graph monthly
Deadline for receiving articles in the journal numbers for 20187
  • In release No. 1: January 31
  • In release No. 2: February 28
  • In release No. 3: March 31
  • In release No. 4: April 30
  • In release No. 5: May 31
  • In release No. 6: June 30
  • In release No. 7: July 31
  • In release No. 8: August 31
  • In release No. 9: September 30
  • In release No. 10: October 31
  • In release No. 1: November 30
  • In release No. 12: December 31
Assignment the identifier of the digital object DOI  to the 45th day of the next month after a release of number


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