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Estimation of the value of the enterprise and justification of measures for its growth


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. Estimation of the value of the enterprise and justification of measures for its growth//Science online: International Scientific e-zine - 2019. - №7. - https://nauka-online.com/en/publications/ekonomika/2019/7/otsenka-stoimosti-predpriyatiya-i-obosnovanie-meropriyatij-po-ee-rosta/

Annotation: The assessment of the value of the enterprise is carried out at all stages of development, it is not necessary, if the company is not going to sell, or if it does not plan to receive investment. But for a full analysis, it is desirable to count. The valuation of the enterprise is often confused or mixed with the analysis of the financial and economic activity of the enterprise, using a different study of the change in the coefficients based on the balance sheet. If you give a concise definition of the assessment of the enterprise, then this will be the answer to the question "How much does an enterprise cost?" In this paper, we will analyze in detail the goals and reasons for evaluating the value of the enterprise and why it is needed, we will consider the methods of evaluation, and we will justify which method is better for the investigated enterprise and why. Also, the main issue is to identify the key factors of creation, increase, destruction of the enterprise value, as well as the definition of measures to increase the cost of the enterprise.


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