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Features of funding of financial economic mechanism of state regulation of sustainable development


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. Features of funding of financial economic mechanism of state regulation of sustainable development//Science online: International Scientific e-zine - 2018. - №4. - https://nauka-online.com/en/publications/gosudarstvennoe-upravlenie/2018/4/osobennosti-funktsionirovaniya-finansovo-ekonomicheskogo-mehanizma-gosudarstvennogo-regulirovaniya-ustojchivogo-razvitiya/

Annotation: The article describes the main approaches of scientists to the definition of the concept of financial mechanism and found that the financial mechanism should be understood as a set of methodological, organizational and legal provisions and measures that determine the priority movement of financial resources in the state economy, the definition of problem segments and, consequently, practical directing funds to eliminate identified gaps and meeting existing needs. It is determined that its components include the system of financial management, planning and forecasting of the financial budget, the choice of sources of financial support, the definition of financial indicators, norms, limits, reserves, etc. The main instruments of the financial and economic mechanism, which include taxes, budget subsidies and subventions, credits, customs tariffs, and "green" tariffs are revealed. The concept of the mechanism of public administration is considered and in the context of the research the own definition is given: the financial and economic mechanism of state regulation of sustainable development is a set of methods and tools used for planning, accumulation and distribution of funds of financial resources designed to achieve the set goals in the following areas: satisfaction of basic the needs of the population, ensuring favorable conditions for the functioning of economic entities, establishing effective cooperation between state and non-governmental organizations rust sectors, achievement of balanced development of economic, social and ecological aspects of functioning of the state. The main directions of the use of financial and economic mechanisms of state regulation are allocated and the priority tasks of the financial-economic mechanism of state regulation of sustainable development are proposed.


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