Planning for business activities at the enterprise


Annotation: Actuality of problem of perfection of the system of distribution and production distribution is conditioned by existence of hard competition, within the framework of that it is necessary to provide to conquer and save a repressing market share for a company, and also obtain advantage above competitors. Production, his form distribution must be developed thus, that market suggestion from one side of maximally answered demand on products, and from other - advantageously differed from that is offered by key competitors. At present, most organizations, both in Ukraine and abroad, ranging from large manufacturing companies to private entrepreneurs, are faced with the problem of choosing or building an efficient structure of distribution channels for finished products, starting with large manufacturing companies and ending with private entrepreneurs. In illiterate solving of this problem there are situations that adversely affect the distribution activity of the enterprise and the efficiency of the functioning of the chain, supplies in general.

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. Planning for business activities at the enterprise//Science online: International Scientific e-zine - 2019. - №2. -

The article was published in: Science online No2 февраль 2019

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