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Animated microinteractions in mobile applications interfaces


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. Animated microinteractions in mobile applications interfaces//Science online: International Scientific e-zine - 2018. - №5. - https://nauka-online.com/en/publications/tehnicheskie-nauki/2018/5/animirovannye-mikrovzaimodejstviya-v-interfejsah-mobilnyh-prilozhenij/

Annotation: In the paper the idea of animated microinteractions is considered. Microinteractions may enhance user experience, make an application more user-friendly. During the research several versions of animated UI prototypes were tested. As a consequence of the experiment, it was concluded that animated microinteractions have a great influence on the UX, usability, fast and correct understanding of the interface, speed of performance. Based on the research there are provided recommendations of enabling animation to microinteractions.


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