Evaluation of investment privacy to startup project in conditions of uncertainty


Annotation: The article considers the main problems in assessing the investment attractiveness of a startup project. Under conditions of uncertainty, modeling investment attractiveness for an investor is essential for effective capital investment. In external unstable conditions and even greater internal economic crises of startups, the question of proper project evaluation and making the right investment decisions in order to increase capital and create financial stability is acute. During the modeling, the strategy of constructing financial indicators was chosen. In assessing the attractiveness of the project, the following indicators were used: net discounted income, the internal rate of return of the investment project, the index of return on investment, the discounted payback period of the project. The aim of the work is to develop a model by which it will be possible to assess the investment attractiveness of the project to reduce the level of financial risk and effective investment of the investor. The novelty of the work is the creation of a phased project evaluation plan. The main result of the article is an effective model by which you can evaluate any startup on the prospects of profit or loss of the project. The calculations of the model were performed for a conditional project which in the future can be replaced by any real project. The developed model makes it possible to realistically evaluate the project, effectively invest funds and optimize the process of choosing an attractive project.

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. Evaluation of investment privacy to startup project in conditions of uncertainty//Science online: International Scientific e-zine - 2021. - №4. - https://nauka-online.com/en/publications/ekonomika/2021/4/8-4/

The article was published in: Science online No4 апрель 2021

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