Financial stability of enterprises as the basis of their stabilized functioning


Annotation: Financial stability of the enterprise is the basis of the stable situation of enterprises in modern economic conditions, but the instability of the economic situation of the country negatively affects the development of the enterprise. This is reflected in the unstable financial situation, namely insolvency, the destruction of strategic potential and the threat to the financial security of the enterprise. One of the most important and topical problems for enterprises today is the definition of the main components of the mechanism for managing their financial sustainability. The article deals with scientific approaches to the definition of financial stability of the enterprise. The methodical aspects of evaluation of financial stability of the enterprise are determined.

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. Financial stability of enterprises as the basis of their stabilized functioning//Science online: International Scientific e-zine - 2018. - №10. -

The article was published in: Science online No10 октябрь 2018

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