Тег: control in the sphere of waste management

Еколого-правова характеристика біоконверсії


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. Еколого-правова характеристика біоконверсії//Наука онлайн: Международный научный электронный журнал. - 2019. - №10. - https://nauka-online.com/publications/yurisprudentsiya/2019/10/ekologo-pravova-harakteristika-biokonversiyi/

Аннотация: (English) The article examines the social relations that result in the formation of different types of waste оn the territory of Ukraine, the classification of which is given in the article. Scientific arguments have shown that waste is a negative factor affecting the state of the environment and environmental security of the state. Implementation of effective measures to address the issue of waste management, including the introduction of bioconversion, is proposed.. The article discusses the state of the state politics in the field of waste management as a set of statutory goals, objectives and directions of activity of the bodies of the state. The article provides examples of cyclic production, proposes using of international technological and legal experience. The article proposes possible options for improving waste legislation and efficient environmental production.


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