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Лідогенерація в аспекті формування попиту споживачів


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. Лідогенерація в аспекті формування попиту споживачів//Наука онлайн: Международный научный электронный журнал. - 2018. - №12. - https://nauka-online.com/publications/ekonomika/2018/12/lidogeneratsiya-v-aspekti-formuvannya-popitu-spozhivachiv/

Аннотация: (English) In the article the main aspects of lead generation in the process of demand formation are considered. The approaches to the definition of lead category and their classification features are described. Generalized methods of lead generation in three main groups: personal channels, online communications, mixed methods. The study notes that important stimulus that allow you to convert customer contact to the consumption process are economy, quality and safety of goods and recommendations of the social environment. The incentives for converting to the status of a customer should offer him a real value and be relevant to the situation. The processes and incentives for converting contacts to real demand will vary depending on the specifics of the goods and the particulars of making a purchase decision. Formation of real demand, besides stimulating measures and motives of quality, stipulates guarantees, service, merchandising, work of personnel, attractive loyalty programs. The process of obtaining leads and transforming it into real demand with the help of marketing tools in the field of online marketing is presented schematically. The emphasis is on the fact that the process of generating demand requires obtaining better contacts with potential consumers. It is emphasized that it is necessary to select separate measures for handling various types of contacts. The most effective tactic for generating demand will be the integration of various marketing tools, which takes place within a single strategy. Communication through multiple channels will allow to create appropriate impulses and achieve a greater degree of converting contacts to consumers. It is noted that in order to convert a contact database into a real demand, the company needs well thought-out marketing messages, the corresponding offer of goods and the unification of several different channels of influence on the contacts. The proposed approaches to the estimation of the economic effect of conversion of lead in order for the online and offline marketing.


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