Дослідження показників конкурентоспроможності на підприємстві та способи їх підвищення

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Аннотация: (English) Every business is asked questions about improving its own competitiveness. High competitiveness is caused by satisfaction and willingness of consumers to buy products for the second time, absence of bad reviews about the company from the side of people, partners, shareholders and prestige of work in this company. Company competitiveness is a multifaceted concept that includes many indicators. The most important role today is played by the marketing component of the enterprise's competitiveness. Ensuring competitiveness is an important problem, the solution of which is related to the improvement of the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of products, that is, with the implementation of purposeful activities for the establishment, formation and maintenance of the necessary level of competitiveness at all stages of the product life cycle. The competitiveness of an enterprise refers to a higher-level competitive entity and, as a consequence, is a more capacious concept, that is, it includes a larger number of parameters analyzed. New players appear in the confectionery market in Ukraine every year. The theoretical and methodological basis of the research is the scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists and specialists in the field of competitiveness management and data of PJSC “Kharkov Biscuit Factory”. The paper analyzes the level of competitiveness of PJSC "Kharkov Biscuit Factory", and selects and substantiates the directions for increasing the level of competitiveness. The developed recommendations will be implemented in the enterprise. Today, it is considered that ensuring the sustainability of improving the competitiveness of the enterprise in the long run is possible only if all the determinants of competitiveness are subjected to continuous and continuous improvement.

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, и. Дослідження показників конкурентоспроможності на підприємстві та способи їх підвищення//Наука онлайн: Международный научный электронный журнал. - 2019. - №12. - https://nauka-online.com/publications/ekonomika/2019/12/doslidzhennya-pokaznikiv-konkurentospromozhnosti-na-pidpriyemstvi-ta-sposobi-yih-pidvishhennya/

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